Golf Rubber Tees

      You Will Get the Best Quality and Most Value Golf Rubber Tees Value Pack from FINGER TEN Sport. Shop for the Friendly Environmental Golf Rubber Tees in 1.5 2.25 2.75 3 3.13 Inch Here with Lower Cost. Also Welcome Wholesale Needs.



      These are great golf tees! They are sturdy plastic. And the fact that they have a ridge on them, let's you put your tee at the exact same spot each time. It makes your shots more consistent. I highly recommend them.


      In this case, durability & price were equally important! I got to use them this past week and they lived up to my demands. I used the same Tee over and over and was not disappointed at all!

      D. Hickson

      These tees are great. Everything I expected and will last a LONG time (used one on my first 18 holes, put it into my pocket to go home). I have also purchased the Finger Ten golf gloves multiple times in the past. Amazing durability. Finally, I don't know if this is a small company but I suspect so. Each time I purchase something they make a concerted effort to thank me for my business. Nothing flashy, just genuine. What a nice 'throwback' to a simpler time. Bottom line, you can not go wrong with these tees or Finger Ten.

      Steven Hytinen

      These RED tees fit the bill. Nice to find good tees at a reasonable price. Just used them for the first time and they are fine. I will buy more in the future!


      I bought these tees for two reasons - 1 they are tall and 2 they are wood. I recently upgraded my driver and all the tall plastic white tees were leaving marks on the face of my new driver. These tees don’t do that because they are wood. Also the black stripes help with consistently keeping the ball height correct for my new driver. This is so helpful when trying to work out the kinks with a new club. Lastly, I’ve played 5 rounds with these new tees and only had one break so far - very sturdy tees!

      Ken Monyak


      No, it will not. Tees work well. The golf tees are in several different color, and I purchased 3 different style. After using it multiple times, their colors are still intact so far. They have markers which make it simple to keep my shot consistent! So easy to find after the tee shot due to colorful colors.

      You want the freedom to open up your swing without your shirt wrapping around your arm like a suction cup. Your golf shirt should be a little longer than the average polo.

      Sure. Golfers always need tees. You might want to see if they have a color preference though. Some golfers can be picky or even superstitious about colors of equipment.