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My third order of gloves, all types are good.The all weather glove is
now my all the time glove,But I live in high humidity location.Nothing

Richard C.

The most durable glove I have used. It is great as an all weather glove, but I use it all the time. Highly recommend.

Donald J. Calais

I've been using Footjoy Weathersoft golf gloves for many, many years due to the palm pad's ability to help me hold my clubs, and I rip a non-padded glove apart after two rounds, max. My only gripe is that Footjoy Weathersoft golf gloves wear out so quickly, usually with a maximum of five rounds of 18 hole golf.
I bought two Finger Ten golf gloves to try them out, given the great price.
Two weeks later after using ONE of those gloves for ten rounds (it's still in good condition), I ordered six more.
Conclusion? For me, great price, rugged, comfortable---and they survived a round pretty much soaking wet. They arrived by mail when predicted. I'm a customer; draw your own conclusions.

Harold McSwain

I practice every day..sometimes twice (200Balls) and I usually go
through a expensive leather glove after 5 buckets (350Balls) I've been
using my latest 10 Fingers Glover for the past 3 months and it's still

Smith R.

Bought these gloves at start of golf season and gave one to my left
handed golf partner!! The glove has been excellent throughout the whole
season. Colours where bright, leather soft. I will buy again! :-)

Dana K.

These gloves are the most comfortable and durable gloves I’ve ever had. I even prefer them over cabretta leather in the summer months because my hands don’t sweat like they do with leather. So I will wear them all year.

Spencer Reed

This glove is a wonderful value. They are long lasting, feel great & Id buy again. I got 5, so should last awhile.

Edward Malan

It fits my hand well, and the tacky part on the palm helps to keep you from slipping. So far it is great. Looking forward to seeing how this does in the heat and humidity of the summer golf season. Thanks

Polly Julian

These golf gloves arrived on time and in a great package. They are just as described. I like the feel of the material and fit.

Saxon Morley