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      This is now the 4th Veasaers shirt I've gotten, and I have to say I'm duly impressed. This particular shirt seems to run just a LITTLE large. But I mean just a little, so I'd say order true to size unless you're really looking for the "slim fit" side of things, then you may be better served ordering a size down.

      The material is fantastic, and it's yet another athletic, breathable, moisture-wicking blend. I've been impressed with the fabric and quality of all of these shirts so far.

      Los Angeles, CA

      Love the moisture wicking, particularly out on the golf course. Helps to keep a little cooler and looks great. The fit is perfect and I believe I am going to order a couple more in different colors.

      J Miller

      This is a great shirt and a great shade of blue. I run really hot so shirts that breathe are a big plus for me and this one is great. The material is soft and the fit is slim and actually fits my broad shoulders very well. I was a little apprehensive about the stand up color at first, and it did take some getting used to for the way it sits and the texture but after a couple wears and washes it's still going strong.


      I really like this casual shirt. The color makes it standout a bit but not too much. The cut is conservative and the fit is just right. The fabric has a bit of stretch built into it. It provides a snug but not too tight fit around my waist and arms and at the same time allows for movement without binding. Best of all, it's low maintenance. I was able to use the washer and dryer on this shirt and it came out none the worse for wear and still maintain the same fit it had prior to going through the wash. The material is not too light – more like medium weight - but it breathes nicely so it does not feel hot in warm weather – and it was over 90 degrees when I wore this.


      This shirt fits well. Nice and stretchy material.

      I am going back to the office for my job soon, sadly, so I need to get some clothing that actually looks halfway decent, not just “zoom” nice.

      Doesn’t seem to need to be ironed, as the material is dry fit style. Time will tell after being washed a few times.



      The untrained eye might not be able to spot the subtle differences between polo shirts and golf polo shirts.Golf polos tend to be slightly longer than standard polo shirts, around 1 or 2 centimetres closer to the elbow.

      You want the freedom to open up your swing without your shirt wrapping around your arm like a suction cup. Your golf shirt should be a little longer than the average polo.

      All our polos can be washed by machine and no need worry. It will not shrink too and easy to handle. Qualtiy guarantee.

      Veasaers golf polo shirt is a US size, but everyone's body type is different, for you to better choose the right size. Please refer to our size chart for every product.

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      Yes, you can contact our support team for custom logo polos made.